Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 18th June 2010

Hey - hubbie is off today, studying and it's quiet. We called to see a friend with her baby and it was nice - her little girl and mine are fairly close in age and they might be friends who knows! Talking about enrolling them for school in 2014 - that was a bit of a land I can tell you - who knew you needed to be that organised that far in advance!
Hubbie is heading out tonight with friends so not sure what craziness I will get up to (just in case - loaded with sarcasm).
Facebook, Farmville and Cafe World shouldn't be the main activity on a Friday night but I suspect they will make up a good chunk of it!!!
Will be watching Flash Forward tonight - annoyed that there will be no more of it once this season ends - it was the one series I thought might actually be great as it could have gone anywhere - could have outlasted Lost on number of series! Anyway hope to be back tomorrow.

Thursday 17th June 2010

I made a lovely quiche today - modest I know but it has been quite a while since I made anything as tasty! Maybe my taste buds have been on holidays since I had baby girl I don't know. One of my pals came for lunch and she said the quiche was very nice - so not just me!
Still haven't gotten round to reading any of the books I have tasked myself with - but I have great intentions.
By the way the quiche recipe was from Rachel Allen's Bake book which is fantastic - on page 145 - well worth trying out. It won't be the last recommendation from me on that book!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I was an avid reader before my little angel arrived, I ate up as many books as I could while pregnant. I haven't had much opportunity of late but am hoping to get back into them very soon.
So I would like to expand this blog to include some book reviews.
I finished Under the Dome by Stephen King just before I had my little girl and it's stuck in my memory so that will be the first review.

Books I have just purchased, as I find it difficult to pass a good book in any shop:
The Pacific by Hugh Ambrose
A Dark Matter by Peter Straub

My interest in books is wide and varied - from Stephen King to Tess Gerritsen to cookbooks! So hopefully for anyone who decides to read these entries you will find them interesting!
Happy Reading