Saturday, August 25, 2012

Off to Cork....

We are all off to Cork on our hols on the 1st September - doing staycations this year!!!
Hope to have loads to talk about when we get back!!
Stay tuned.

Monday, July 9, 2012

And the winner is...........

Thanks for all the entries!!!

The winner is - Geraldine Kennedy!!!!

Congrats Geraldine - please get in touch with me so that I can send you out your prize!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ooooh exciting

That's it now it's all over!!!!
Winner to be announced tomorrow - wonder who it will be!!!!
Thanks so much to all who liked on Facebook and followed my blog!!!
Good Luck Everyone

Monday, July 2, 2012

Competition Time

Hi there 
To celebrate reaching 500 likes on my Facebook page I am giving things away!!!! How about winning a lovely Cari Design scarf and cotton facecloth & re-usable make-up remover pads! They would make lovely treats for yourself or gifts for someone special!

I would love some more followers for my blog so if you could follow that would be lovely!!!!!

Anyone who likes my Facebook Page - or follows my blog (under My blogs list) will be entered to win the goodies!!!!

Closing date is Saturday 7th July @ 5pm with winner to be announced on Monday 9th July 2012!!

Good Luck everyone & thanks for the support!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holidays - Part Two

So here is Part Two of my review of our hols in the lovely Sligo!!

We stayed in the Cois Re Apartments in Strandhill and they were lovely. Two bedrooms, sitting/dining/kitchen a bathroom and one of the bedrooms is ensuite. Carmel was very friendly and nothing was a problem, it was nice to deal with someone who was nice!!

It's a nice nearly ten minute walk into Strandhill from here but if the weather is good it's lovely as you can see the sea all the way down!  There is a Spar shop which has most of everything you could need for a holiday stay and the staff were very friendly too!

There is a great little playground beside the GAA pitch and we had lots of fun in there on the days when it was just a little too cold to visit the beach!

We ventured out and about two of the days the first trip was into Sligo where we ate in Source Sligo (probably enough said in Part One!). We found some really nice little shops - Inspire, Unit 10 First Avenue, Quayside SC - great little treasure trove of goodies including wool, sewing kits, cards, books and kids toys.  Hargadons Wine Shop in Johnston Court SC - my other half got 'lost' in here for quite a while!

But probably the find of the trip was The Roundabout, Gallery & Craft Loft in Collooney. It is located above The Farm Shop & Cafe which stock lovely local & artisan produce and have a great cafe.
But upstairs is a treasure trove of craft and goodies!

The Bull @ The Roundabout

They have art, handknitted crafts, a jeweller, woodcraft, beautiful handbags (literally had to be dragged away), cards, books - the list goes on. They are very friendly and made us feel very welcome even though our little lady was running riot around the place!

Overall a great holiday to Sligo and I would highly recommend everyone to go!!!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holidays - Part One

Hi All
We are back a few days now from our hols and settling back into normality!
While I am on hold with Dell Technical Support - I thought I would update my blog!
Currently on hold for nearly 6 mins! (afterthought - whole Dell call only took 40 mins and found them very helpful and efficient, we will see how the actual fixing of the laptop goes)

Anyway off we went to Strandhill in Sligo.

Beach at Strandhill

I've never been to Sligo before so I was keen and had done a lot of research online beforehand.
Food wise you are spoiled for choice - we only got to experience some of the great spots in Sligo and here is some information on the foodie ones!

Shells Seaside Cafe , Strandhill, Sligo

Where do I begin with Shells, it's like a little piece of heaven in Strandhill from the beautiful breakfasts, luscious lunches right through to sumptious snacks and delicious dinners!!!!! Yes we visited quite a bit.
Brekkie is generally the most important meal of the day and definitely the tastiest if you are having it at Shells we had the Full House brekkie, my other half had the porridge with fruit compote and the little lady had fruity toast with jam - all wow.
For lunch and dinner both myself and my other half couldn't resist the fish & chips which are just mouth-watering. The fish is so fresh you can just picture it hopping out of the sea and right into the kitchen! The little lady had the 'Sharky Fish Fingers' on one occasion and the ketchup was designed as a fish on the plate, a lovely touch.
The cakes and cookies are melt in the mouth and look too good to eat.
Oh and if you are on hols try the pink prosecco for a little treat. Prices are great here too very affordable and great value for the delicious food on offer!

Source Sligo, 1 - 2 John St., Sligo 

Fabulous - great space and even better food. We visited twice, the first time for lunch on the day we arrived and it was lovely. We had the food below and it was delicious!!!!!
“Potted Crab”White Crab meat, Lemon and herb butter, with crusty breads. €7.50
“Duck Liver Pate”Homemade Pate with Toasted Brioche, Onion Orange Marmalade. €8.95

We went back another morning for some brekkie and to wander about Sligo - so back to Source Sligo again, couldn't resist and we had......
Soft scrambled eggBurren smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives,Served with brown bread €9Eggs Benedict, Free range poached egg, home cooked ham, Spinach & hollandaise sauce €8
Both of them very generous and delicious and again the staff were so nice and very good to offer to distract my little lady!

That is all for the mo - a few other gems to tell you about but in a few days - can't use up all the interesting bits in one post!!!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Cardigan

Morning all it's promising to be another nice day here in the West (apologies south & east of the country!)
Just finished off another lovely little cardigan and though I would share it!
Lovely colour chosen by my friend and it works great with the yellow buttons!!

I really liked the pattern which was very straight forward to make which was great!!
Have a happy day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I finished this lovely little cardigan for a friend recently and just had to show off my little ribbon flower - first time I've added a finishing touch like that and I think it worked out quite well!!!!

And now I also know how to get pictures from my phone onto blogger without having to save them as drafts onto Gmail - happy days!!!

Working on some charity knits - facecloths etc at the minute and a lovely turquoise cardigan for another friend - busy busy!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I made lovely buns today - with cream instead of butter - YUMMY
Decided to get all Eastery with the decorations!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Charity Knits

Hi All
Am quite excited as I have just found 3 lovely patterns for my charity knits!
As well as partaking in the West of Ireland Women's Mini Marathon on the May Bank Holiday Weekend I am going to knit up some really cute items for sale and all the money will go to the Cherynobel Children's Trust!
Here is a sneak preview of the knits - keep an eye out for when they are on sale!!!

Aren't they really cute!!!!!
Just ordered lots of wool from The Constant Knitter and can't wait to get started on them!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Oh my goodness where did March go!!!!!!
April is going to be a busy month - I have a few Cari Design knitting orders to get through and am really enjoying the projects that I am working on.
Also in training with my friend to power walk the West of Ireland Mini Marathon on May 6th - a separate entry on that to follow!!!
Am spring cleaning the house - I know I know most people start that earlier in the year - but I had a very productive day clearing out our wardrobe yesterday and now it feels bigger and airier than ever so I am inspired to keep going and tackle all the other rooms, it may take a while and turn from a spring, to summer to possibly an autumn clean!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Still February!!

I've been so bold in being away so long! My other half is just finished his thesis so we are both free again!!!!! To do other stuff like ironing, cleaning!!!

So I am continuing with my large knitting order and am finished a hooded cardigan and a jumper with H on it - fun to knit will post pics soon. Am working on a hat now and then another two jumpers and a hat and I'm done.

I think this year I am going to focus on one or two specific gift sets and have a stock of them for my Etsy shop - I think I am fumbling out in the wilderness now with too many things going on!!!!

So here is to focussing in on what you are good at!!!!!

Back soon (I promise!!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Good morning all! It's the 1st of February and happy to be out of January I must say! To celebrate I am offering 10% off all month to likers of my Facebook Page - you will be able to treat yourself to some lovely cosy things! Such as my Grace Infinity Scarf!
Oh go on then the code is FEB12FB!! Enjoy Caroline X

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here I am .....

....and it's Tuesday already! Had a lovely weekend at home with the folks and my little lady and we are settling back into normality at home now. She has just given up her daytime nap and to be honest I think I am not dealing with it as well as she is!!! Didn't realise how much stuff I was fitting into that time!! In other news I am the new blog co-ordinator for the Etsy Ireland Blog!!! I am excited about it I have been out of the workforce for a year or two now and while I am not missing the day job as such I am happy with my new 'title' now I just have to be good at it!!!!! The end!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

Hi here - it's a horrible day - really yuck. We are off to our mother & toddler group this morning and hopefully there will be a few kiddies there for the little lady to play with! Went spinning last night and even though I was very tired going in, and it felt really really hard, I still felt great coming out of it!!! Finished off a cream & brown neckwarmer yesterday and hope to get it up on Etsy later - here is a sneak preview -
I will really have to get into the photos and change all the ones in my shop and make them more consistent and brighter! Any advice would be gratefully accepted!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Just back from a long walk and feeling very refreshed!!!! I am quite amazed at how well exercise makes you feel, I must admit I am a recent convert and am enjoying all the different things I am doing. I am happier during the day and sleeping better at night. The not eating lots of crap is helping too!!! We had a lovely weekend, didn't do anything really just relaxed which was really nice. I finished off the jumper and hat set I am knitting for a friend so hopefully she likes it! Going to start a neckwarmer today and should have that done later on - might even get it up on Etsy! Little lady is gone for her nap now so I am off for a cuppa and to start on that neckwarmer!

Friday, January 20, 2012 - great website

Hi All Check out - one of my favourite links - it is going to be a great place for information about all things kids and parents related. Great sections on playgroups (which has always been hard to find) and parent & toddler groups. I have our local one in Westport listed now! Give some support to Beatriz and check it out!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Went walking this morning with a friend and although it was pretty cold, feel so much better after it!! Nice to get out of the house - the little lady eventually got tired of staying in the buggy and wanted to walk herself. Have my spinning class tonight and am looking forward to the challenge!!! Am knitting up a Debbie Bliss Jumper for a friend and it is starting to look lovely - lots of fiddly bits on it but it will be worth it in the end! Hoping and aiming to have it finished, I would like to say tomorrow but most likely Wed or Thurs!!! Signing off

Friday, January 13, 2012


Gosh I need to think of jazzier titles for my posts! So Zumba Toning last night - wasn't great. I really thought I would go for it big time, but am afraid it might not be for me! Maybe it was just the instructors first night of classes or something but she seemed a bit lost. However I am feeling all my muscles today and so I will keep going to the classes, mainly because I have paid for them but also because it is all working towards a more toned, fit & healthy me! Happy weekend all Caroline

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi there So tonight is Zumba Toning!! I am going to this blind as I don't have a clue what it will be like but am looking forward to it all the same! Wasn't sore at all after the Spinning class on Monday which I think is unbelievable!!! Trying to find time to knit is getting harder - little lady keeps saying 'bye bye mama's knitting' and that makes me feel crap. Even though that is after hours of endless time catering to her every whim and two minutes of knitting!!!! Anyway will let you know how Zumba goes!! Bye

Monday, January 9, 2012


So just completed my first day of the new regime! Went spinning this evening and yes it was as hard and as horrible as everyone had told me!!!!! But I feel that it will be worth it so am definitely going back next week! Legs are tired, bum is tired and my shoulders are going to feel it later! I am looking forward, however, to my Zumba Toning class on Thursday evening - not a clue what that will be like but am keen to give it a go. Till the next time Bye!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Night

So I have been very good all week avoiding butter and trying really hard to avoid saturated fat - in order to get my cholesterol down! Tonight I feel like a blowout - when I say this I mean a few drinks and some popcorn - not the most crazy I know but I am really looking forward to it. Although if you said poached eggs on butter toast to me - I would probably drool! Will post tomorrow about how the big blowout went!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am running a competition on my Facebook page - caridesignwestport - for a free copy of Cath Kidston's Make! Book - check it out!


We had a big sleep in again this morning thanks to stormy weather last night. Little lady joined us somewhere in the wee hours. As a result completely slept through my other half getting up,showering and leaving for work! Anyway have had my granola again this morning and my seeds! Not feeling any different this year yet but am happy that I am not eating butter yet - really need to get my cholesterol down!!! Just going to have my cup of tea now, listen to Tom Dunne and that is my treat for the morning!!! talk later

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Smiley

Just put together a new treasury on Etsy this morning and found these cool earrings - how cute!!!

And so it begins.....

Another new year begins again! After the storm last night keeping myself and hubbie and eventually little lady awake I don't feel very fresh, vibrant and ready for change today! Have lots and lots of wool ordered for some jumpers to be knitted for a friend - which will keep me busy for a while!! I have been trying to find the latest schedules for the local fitness centre and they aren't updated. Do you find that when you are all set to do something and then you can't find the information - it just puts you off! I know I shouldn't let it but gosh it's hard. So today I need to get the house tidied up before all my wool arrives so that I can go hell for leather into the knitting! Talk soon c