Monday, July 5, 2010

Made that quiche again for lunch, bold me! It was delicious this time too!!! Knitting a scarf here as the little lady is gone for a nap - sitting in the sunshine while knitting it's too nice!!
Mother & Baby group tomorrow hope to get chatting to more of the mammies down there tomorrow. Book Club tomorrow night - wow when did I get all social! The book we are reading is called Turbulence by Giles Foden - it's good, I am only on chapter 4 however and not sure how much of it I will get to read by the time book club rolls around.
Might get to read some when I go to bed as the little lady has moved into her own room! Fingers crossed so far so good and there have been no adverse reactions at all! The black out blinds should be here on Wednesday all going well and then it will be great as we can play in the natural light up there during the day! I can't recommend Albany in Westport enough they are so efficient - called in last Friday, they came up that afternoon to measure and all going well they will be here on Wednesday! Service with a smile also it's nice and still not all that common!!!!

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